Our Vision

Specialized in helping the less privileged people

Our Mission

To make create a better place for everyone.

Peculiasters Helping Hand Foundation  an NGO and we’re  a government Registered organization. Our main focus is to help and support the needy.

Peculiaster Helping Hand Foundation Our Story image 1It is an organization designed to show love and kindness to those in need by lending a helping hand to them. Furthermore, our main interest is on the Aged ones, widows , and the less privileged people in the society , orphanage homes, special schools , physically challenged (Disabled people).

Peculiasters helping hand Foundation strongly believe in God Almighty to help us achieve our goals.

Peculiaster Helping Hand Foundation Our Story image 2Peculiasters helping hand Foundation has a target to reach out to schools in rural area teaching them sex education. In addition, we are open to partnership, organizations that have like minds with us in order to achieve our vision.

Our motors is: Givers never lack

Join us in our projects

It’s a journey to bring relief to the less privileged.